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Warplanes Weekly 2/15-21


New Mayor! 

        After a wild election we Have a new Mayor of Flare Town Hitman H8! Saturday saw one of the most turbulent elections to date! After what appeared to be a easy win For Hitman was meant with controversy when it was discovered there was some voter irregularities in the election which forced to ballet to be thrown out! A second Election was held but the election was a tie between Kon X and The Tax Man!  a first in flare town. this naturally led to a runoff election between the top 4 contestants! But as night was falling the battlefield darken to the infamous Thorn Hub! (co-op board by x). there the contestants battled between balloon wires and a refinery with a flame on top akin to the eye of Sauron! In the end it Came down to Hitman H8 and Kon X! But in the end the Hitman lived up to his name and won the election! After the election was held, there was festivities in the streets as new mayor was crowned! democracy rang through and the people celebrated the peaceful transition of power!

After the longest election in Flare town history we were able to meet with Hitman who was celebrating his win at “Roosters” a watering hole in Meta World Horizons.  We asked Hitman about the election and the future regime in flare. ” This was a tough election there it wasnt almost stolen! but nothing can stop the people will and in the end, justice has triumphed, it has become clear though election process needs to be cleaned up there is rampant corruption in flare town and that is going to end! This is a new era! We promise transparency and accountability. My first action will be to upgrade the Mayor’s palace to better cope with this threat to our very existence! This is an administration that puts the people first!”

Police Report

Election Fraud!

    Police commissioner Kon x was quick to welcome in the new Mayor and vowed to look into the claims of election rigging. ” We like to congratulate the new mayor on his win and welcome his leadership in cracking down on crime. Flight Club has been highly successful (Saturday 9 Est all welcome) and we now have the resources to combat the threat'”, This weeks Flight Club Saw the title change hands quite a bit before finally ending up in the in the possession of Dustin x and Kon x also known as the X-cautioners. 

Dustin x
Kon x



          Dust wasn’t the only thing left behind on Friday night, as the Ferocious Frozen Felines returned to the top spot. Cougar was really in top form handing one team an 11-1 spanking. This marks the FFF’s 6th week at the top as they start to break away from the pack. With three losses to burn it’s looking like they could really put some distance between them and the rest of the pack. Will anyone find a way to skin these cats? Or are their catlike reflexes too much to handle? Find out this Friday at 9est.

Ferocious Frozen Felines!

Cogar  DD

IceMan DD

The League

 Season 5! 

     This week we saw the league begin its new season! A draft was held on Sunday and though there were a few bumps the behind-the-scenes wizardry by Moonraker H8 made the event go on smoothly.  A new system was implemented this time a snake draft! A snake draft is where the person who picks last on one round picks first on the following round. The captains Are already hard at work getting their teams ready and many have new names, planes, logos and have begun the strenuous training that these athletes endure to be ready to take on their opponents. 

   The teams are given a week to prepare and organize their teams before the upcoming match’s, the first of which will begin the following week and end on Mrach 3rd. every week the Teams will be given 2 Matches they must complete before Sunday 9est. These will continue for three weeks the regular season. The top four teams from there will go on to be in the finals. Those post seasons game will determine the winner. The pre-season games will be the only ones used to determine individual results.

Click Below for Stat sheet!

Stats and Matches

Gatsby’s Gallows

Capt. – Vandamar H8

2nd. Kon x x

Ghoul H8

Hippo in a tree

Green Fire*

Lunar Snakes

Capt. Reptile 77

2nd. Holmes H8

Moonracker H8

SmashDaddy X

I love G-D *

Ghost Wrex 77

We’re not here to fuck around

Capt. Mig <III>

2nd Bushwhacker H8

Gifted Chaos H8

McCloud <III>



Cougar’s hopscotch hero’s

Capt. iSpywhere H8

2nd. Captain Holly X

Cougar DD

2Dogs H8

Killbot X

Capital X

The Knight Rangers

Capt. Kritter 77

2nd Doc Hollywood*

Macca H8

Llama H8

Ranger Rick*

Diamondback 77

Wind Breakers

Capt. IceMan DD

2nd KillrB X

Hitman H8

Riverwoods *WHO

Holly Diver


For the Cross

Order of the Hunters Cross

     This last weekend in the Hunter’s Cross match despite his best efforts Mig <III> came in second behind GhoulH8 who won the match living up to his performance in the first LMS tournament. For the second game we saw a close match with KillrX and Kon X. but in the end, was witnessed return of the unending gluttony of Kon x as he steals yet another cross form another possible winner. Hunters’ Cross matches public 5est Saturday, 9 Est Sunday public lobby Hunters cross, BE THERE!

Drag night

Silver wings in sky

Propeller hum, secrets fly

Conspiracies high-

Change your call sign to something conspiracy related

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