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Warplanes Weekly 12/28-1/3

Warplanes weekly 12/28 -1/3

Warplanes welcomes the new year with a flood of new players and many old ones retuning to the game. Numbers are up dramatically ! Lets try to keep people involved ! and encourage the new folk to become part of the community! Its a we thing! only together can we achieve this goal.

Friday Night Flare Mayhem– Once again the team X8, Kon X and Vandamar 8’s, has regained there throne as flare champions. This Dou is hell bent on staying on top! There are allot of hungry challengers waiting in the wings do they have what it takes ? find out this friday! and be sure to sign up for week 9! 

The War on Terror! Police commissioner Kon X has teamed up with Killer B to root out any remaining terror cells!  Roomers of Saturday night training camps have been whispered. ” Me and Killer B will be planning to personally investigate these allegation!” Stated police Commissioner Kon X.

Word From the Cross- In reverence to the to the season cross matches were not held this week but will be resuming this Saturday at 6 pm EST Private lobby CROSS and on Sunday at 9 pm EST those wishing to enter the order please attend all our welcome.

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  1. Lord Charles

    I’ve only been flying since February 23, I have to say there are a bunch of good people in the game. I was amazed at the number of guy’s that took the time to help new players learn how to fly and navigate the menus. Just to name a few: Gambit, Lt. Big Dave, McCloud, Lomcevak, Stiffler’s Mom, VIN and many more. I know I appreciated the guidance they gave me. Anyway I’ll see ya in the skies and then I’ll shoot you down!

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