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Warplanes weekly 1/25-31

Warplanes Weekly 1/25-31

War report!

Who runs Flare town? After a series of snap elections, held by the current Mayor Ice|X|man the old Mayor, formerly known as ghost factory has chosen to speak up and challenge the authority of the current Mayor. His assertion that though he lost his election bid, he still is the final say in flare town, and has self-proclaimed himself The Governer! In a message to the community his Claim for title are, Divine right, and as originator of town flares!

We explored these claims and though we don’t have a direct line to the gods, we do to other players! McCloud of the third squadron asserts that he is originator, the governors claims are false! When asked for comment and proof, McCloud presented documentation predating the town update  from Sept 16th showing a similar game played in ww3, and a message from Oct. 3rd demonstrating  that he created  a game called “Town Mayhem”. This fact was verified by War Chief X who bore witness to its inception. McCloud also stated if that is enough for the former Mayor to be “The Governor” then he is “The president!”.

Mayor ice on the subject had this to say “I’ve never thought much self-appointed titles, …but if we are then let me declare myself king of the universe.” He went on to offer a solution ” So called Governor agree to meet me in the skies over flare town and hold an election, if you win then the gods are with you, but if you don’t you must leave flare town to elect its own leaders!”

We reached out to the Governor. for comment,  his reaction to the challenge from Mayor Ice|X|man and the Claims McCloud made. He is quite pleased with all the attention and revitalization that flare town has been receiving and plans to do a “government Audit” in the near future that may involve a new tournament. Though he is open to a one-on-one battle with the Mayor.! He states ” that nothing will change in that regard (governance)”. He doesn’t deny McCloud’s claim but says he put the time and effort in, and though he(McCloud) may have come up with a version first he did his version on his own, The Governors ultimate hope is more people play this mode, and plans on doing things to encourage play for both old and new players.

New Planes Spotted! Porcco Roso. We’ve received numerous reports of a new French single-seat fighter over the French border. While we have received no official reports of new aircraft from any French producers, many pilots, and ground crew have reported seeing this biplane engage in diving attacks over German squadrons. An interview with a pilot of the Fokker DR.I implies this aircraft lacks maneuverability but well makes up for its climb rate, being able to keep its nose up longer than any known German fighters currently on the line. It’s equipped with a single synchronized machine gun with identical top and bottom wings. It’s able to outrun most aircraft excluding the Junker’s line of fighters, but the little maneuverability it has can easily put a Junker’s on the defensive.

               Photo of mystery plane

Police Report

Fall and Rise of flight Club! Though the heavy hand of the Law has managed to “Smash” the newly formed Flight Club criminal organization headed by Dustin X and Smash X, a new crew run by Killr X and Holmes H8 has replaced them! They claim to be filling in the gap for the people’s need for these underground fights! Is it time to legalize this activity? many in the community say keeping it illegal just adds to the violence. Police Commissioner Kon X  had this to say ” Yes it would be easy to Legalize this deplorable activity, but at what cost! Remember this my friends there is no virtue in easy!”. The new crime bosses flaunting authority had this return ” Bring it! Commissioner Kon! or whoever else wants to challenge us!!!”  Flight Club Matches go on every Saturday after 9 Est.


Friday Night Flare Mayhem! What an exciting week at the Flare town Ariel Colosseum! Flare Champs Dustin X, and Kon X, known more popularly as the X-cutioners  seemed as though they were on their way to holding the title another week! Even chopping off the heads  of newly formed Powerhouse of Ice|X|man and Hitman H8! But just as their path to victory seemed fated a dark horse road into town! The arial acrobatic team called the Circus Animals, made up of x and Kritter 77, shocked the Flare world! They beat back the X0cutioners and stopped the endless executions. The battle was fierce but there was no stopping these two in what could be called a seemingly effortless Ariel Ballet! It was no fluke either they put those notions to rest by following that victory with another over the mega team of Cougar X, and Holmes H8. This week should be exciting will they dance their way to another victory or will a new team emerge from the ranks! Make sure to sign up on the unofficial page. Games start at 9 pm EST Friday night!

The League was pretty silent this week as all eyes is on the Bro-Shits and Barnyard brawlers to finish their playoff game! The match winner will take on the number one seeded team The Sky Daddies! The Sky daddies had this to say ” I don’t know why it’s taking them so long? We realize that we are a scary team, and no one is looking forward to taking us on, but we promise to make it as quick and painless as possible.”

For The Cross!

The Esteemed order of the Hunters Cross witnessed the assentioin of two 77’s this week . “Through there divine service and courageous intercourse we would like to present the honorable title of first class huntsman to Reptile 77 and Kritter 77! May you know piece and are enemies know are wrath! For the Cross!”

Friday Drag Night

-Winged Fabric Whispers

Warplanes don attire bold

skyward personas unfold-

Friday Drag Night

On Friday change your call sign to a state of being and an article of clothing!

Third Eye Spy!

                                 Astrological Advice From the mystical beyond! ispywhere H8

Aries: Brace for aerial combat, Aries, as you engage in deathmatch dogfights reminiscent of the fierce Bristol M1H battles. Soar through the skies, outmaneuver opponents, and claim victory in this thrilling game mode.

Taurus: Team up with your squadron, Taurus, in team deathmatch missions inspired by the coordinated efforts of the Albatross DII fighters. Patience and teamwork will be your propellers as you strive for supremacy.

Gemini: Join the social sky squadron, Gemini and partake in flare mayhem – an explosive mode where your Junkers D.1. firepower lights up the sky. Coordinate with comrades, unleash chaos, and dominate the dogfight.

Cancer: Navigate through the clouds of flare mayhem, Cancer, using agility reminiscent of the Sopwith Triplane. Swift decision-making and strategic maneuvers will be your keys to survival in this high-stakes battle.

Leo: Shine bright in Flare Town, Leo, with charisma rivaling the AGO C1’s elegance. Participate in this tournament, showcasing your piloting skills and dazzling flair under the celestial spotlight.

Virgo: Participate in The League, Virgo, meticulously checking your instruments like a seasoned SE5 pilot. Navigate through intense battles, climb the ranks, and establish yourself as a top ace in this prestigious competition.

Libra: Find balance in Friday Night Flares, Libra, an event where Sikorsky’s grace meets strategic finesse. Soar through the night skies, engaging in aerial duels that require both skill and style.

Scorpio: Conquer the skies in Fight Club, Scorpio, where your Bristol M1H spirit meets fearless ambition. Embrace the challenges, prove your mettle, and emerge as the undisputed champion in this intense tournament.

Sagittarius: Embark on team flares, Sagittarius, channeling the adventurous spirit of the Pfalz. Collaborate with your squad, coordinate flares, and dominate the skies as you work together toward victory.

Capricorn: Build your legacy in The League, Capricorn, constructing a reputation as solid as a DH,2 on the runway. Rise through the ranks, showcasing your strategic prowess in this prestigious tournament.

Aquarius: Unleash unconventional strategies in Friday Night Flares, Aquarius, much like the unpredictable maneuvers of the Junkers D1. Surprise your opponents, navigate the night skies, and emerge victorious in this electrifying event.

Pisces: Navigate emotional highs and lows in Fight Club, Pisces, trusting your intuition like a skilled SE5 pilot. Engage in intense battles, adapt to the ever-changing dogfight, and emerge triumphant in this thrilling tournament.

Mig <|||>

      “You burnt my eyebrows off! ” He said with a laugh! words I wouldn’t soon forget. About two years ago we met in high stakes ariel combat in an SR sponsored tournament, 2’s vs 3’s. I Remember being in an intense dog fight with a skilled opponent! At the time I did not know who it was at all. I knew was it was life or death! Then one flare that would have profound impact. This is how I met Mig, a pilot I’ve grown to appreciate, respect who I call a friend.

    I met up with Mig at the infamous Hippies Hanger where he agreed to be interviewed (click here to watch). When I came in, he was polishing his trophy from last season’s league win, I caught him by Surprised he felt embarrassed, normally humble,  I found him in a moment of pride. 

    You been playing a long time now?I started 2 years 3 months ago.” 

   You are member of the threes? Yes! fantastic group of people, we just bonded together. we even  all met up in Belgium to stay with Box, was for three of four days … well there we visited all the old WW1 sites… most of the war happened in Belgium.  we visited real preserved trenches, …when you hear what they went through, it was like a concentration camp…. you are visiting a site where extreme suffering and bravery happened.”

    So, you were former SoR? Ya proud of it as well. Micelf he got a hold of me one day and he said hang around with us, two days later I bumped Ragnar, and he said why don’t you come train with us, the next day I was flying with Bigfoot inverted upside down under the under bridges. I was formation flying, tapping my throttle. within in week or two I felt I was part of group! Its was only the SoR that made me stay, I think we need to replicate that now.

   Would you consider going back to the SoR? ” Ya, I never say never depends on what they wanted and whatever everyone else wants to do.” 

    You probably didn’t expect it, picking up this game and playing it would leave to these real-life connections. “All these people I’m afraid to leave people out. (he listed all these people in game he adores at this point and loves to play with), next Thursday I am meeting Box and Moo their motor biking across country in 6 weeks I got Box and ichabod coming to my house, Vandamar lives next to my sister-in-law! I’ve warned him I’m going to eat all his steak and drink red wine; the other one I saw recently was Gambit he deserves a knight hood what a lovely fellow. “

   What would you tell a new person coming in? ” Hook up with group or sponsor… go fly with them learn some tricks have a night with them get involved, this worst thing is if you have no help, you won’t last more than week or two cause you’ll be lonely you’ll be crap and you’ll just get shot down.”

     Youve had a lot of careers want to tell us a little about the past? I still can’t believe it myself, my CV is quite long; I say it with all honesty, I still don’t know what I will be when I grow up. I joined the police when I was 18 ended up in firearms on the SWAT team, that was breathtaking in the sense you are doing 5 o’clock knocks at houses with known criminals with guns, we would come in and find the target in a chair watching a tv, with a pump action shot gun waiting for us. We got through it though without shooting anyone. Its surreal, it’s like the movies, you can’t believe your doing it doesn’t register with your brain at the time, you just do it same with sky diving you go into a survival mode,” Staying cool under pressure is a hallmark of Mig’s life.

     As well as being in law enforcement. which he has countless stories, incredible ones, which he freely shares if asked he was also a Sky diving instructor in Madrid. Well ther he learned to speak Spanish. With Over 5,000 jumps he has some amazing stories, some very scary ones, but also ones where he stepped up and did what needed to be done to keep people safe. He’s always managed to keep his cool and managed to come out on the other side. Mig is an avid para glider as well, and still does it to this day (See Videos attached)   It’s hard to argue that Mig is not only Leader in his squad but in the game as well, his positive attitude cheerful demeaner makes him loved by everyone who plays.

               The Three’s <|||>

A dog That killed a man Mig had to put down.

                                   Gambit and Mig

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