You are currently viewing Warplanes Weekly 12/21-28 Election results!

Warplanes Weekly 12/21-28 Election results!

A New Mayor of Flare town! – Self-appointed Mayor formally known as Ghost Factory, has stepped down and in a heartwarming speech congratulated the new Mayor Ice|X|man! on a hard-fought election contest. Ice|X|man ran a tough campaign making a point of doing things differently, a campaign promising change! At the end of day, it came down to him and the incumbent! But, in a razor thin race Ice was able to chill the competition and soar to victory. Well done Mr. Mayor! Ice|X|man says he’s getting down to business upon day one “the People Have Spoken! and am listening.!”

Friday Night Flare Mayhem– Reclaiming their title as number one, the flare Team Dou, of Cougar X and Ice|X|man remains the team to beat! “Bring the team we will bring the pain.”

Make sure to sign up for week 9. Look for official post on the unofficial page and sign you, and your partner up!

A Lull in Terror Activity? – It seems the police are getting close! ” The Rebels have been cornered and were closing in on their Vile network of hate and depravity, ” Stated newly appointed Police commissioner Kon X. “We will no longer let these animals destroy our way of life! indoctrinate our children, and lay claim to our women! there is a new Sherif in town! Bushwhacker and Llama H8’s! I have my eye on you.”

News from the Cross. – The order of the Hunters Cross saw two of its members gain new ranks and distinction. Vandamar H8 gained the rank of Hunters Cross second Class =|=, Well the Order saw its Highest-Ranking member Police Commissioner Kon X, becoming the first to gain the title Commander of the Order,

The League! The league was on break due to the holidays and will be back up and running after the new year!!!

The year in Review! Over the course of 2023 we saw a renaissance in the community! New Squads! formed the 77’s, and Team Sparkles! as well as a resurgence of the WHO and the <III>’s, all now frequent our skies. New competitions! The League, Hunt down under, Ring of Fire, Deathmatch Day, Promethius league, Mayor of Flare Town, as well as the second annual Dance of the fire lords! New games and in the ever-expanding warplanes universe! Road Race! Ring of Fire! town flares to name a few. New Meta worlds, Hippies hanger, Chalk Talk, and our Draft room! the list goes on. We all saw an over anticipated and long sought after update to the game! The community has grown as well with an edition of a number of new players as well as returning old ones! 2023 arguably has been the best year in WW1 warplanes we can only hope 2024 is half as good.!

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