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Warplanes Weekly 2/1-7


 The Hunt Down Under!
Warchief X
      The challenge has been thrown down once more! The Hunt Down Under will return to separate the true champions from the pretenders! Once more, the premier battle of wits, piloting and patience will return to our virtual skies! In order to commemorate the brave Australian and New Zealand diggers who committed to the horrifying campaign in Gallipoli on the 25th April, 1915, The Hunt Down Under will be held once more on the 27th April, 2024 at 3pm EDT (8pm BST/5am AEST 29/4). Will La Salle X dare to defend his title, or will another rise to claim it from his cold hands? Only time will tell! Comment below with your in-game callsign to sign up!
Rules are as follows:
     Last Man Standing, Hide and Seek mode. Preliminary rounds will be limited to 2 respawns, final will be all six respawns. All planes will perform 180 degree turns on entry and fly to the edge of the map. On arrival, they will announce their intent to engage, then maintain radio silence for as long as is practical. You are not to follow other planes on initial spawn (rooms will be kept small to ensure this does not occur). There are no restrictions on plane heights or plane colours. Maps will be played in a determined order, to be announced closer to time.
    Once a player is dead, they are to maintain complete radio silence, other than an announcement that they are out of that round or leave the game still in progress. Points will be awarded in the order of those who survived longest each round, the top 8 players will compete in the final. Last one standing wins!
More information will be available closer to time and when numbers are confirmed. Cut-off date for sign up is 24 hours before the start time. Good luck, for all will surely need it!

Police report

Flight Club Legalized! In a stunning turn of events a bill was passed legalizing Flight Club! No longer will this activity take place in secret but will be allowed in “plane” sight. Well details are still being worked on how it will be organized, and when it will take place, for now it will continue as a king of the mountain style matches, held primarily on Saturday nights 9 est. Police commissioner Kon X had this to say on the subject.  ” The people have spoken and it’s my job to enforce their will, I will take senior responsibility for the running of these fights to make sure there are held in an orderly manner.  To start off this new era, I Kon X and Bushwhacker 8’s will be the first team to take on challenges, if you got what it takes come see us” 

The Bill though legalizing the activity will have strong regulations and the activity and the fights will be heavily taxed, all proceeds going to fund government programs. If you are interested in joining Flight club, please see post on the unofficial warplanes page..


Friday Night Flare Mayhem.  Her ye’ her ye’ the circus is in town, and it isn’t going anywhere. The circus animals Made up of x and Kritter 77 stunned the Flare world yet again by dominating for another week as top seed. Team after team some of the biggest names in warplanes tried there hardest to unseat this Dou. But they weren’t  clowning around as one after another went down in flames! There no lion about the Circus animals being one of the best teams to hit the skies. Big top opens after 9 Est, on Friday night be sure to sign up on the Unofficial Page to get your chance! 

 The league. This week in the league we saw 2nd place team The Bro shits and the 3rd place team the Barnyard Brawlers take to the skies in a long-anticipated match up. It was a very tight Match That saw the Brawlers  battling it out to the last man in Guns and taking the victory! But in what can be called a riveting come from behind Victory in Flares, Iceman in a 3 on 1 situation, managed to come from what seemed to all like a hopeless situation and win the match! not only did he win but his victory with two lives to spare propelled them to the final match. The Final Match against the number 1 ranked Sky daddies is scheduled for 8:45 tonight weather permitting.  Who will win this battle of the titans! Be sure to sign up for Season 5 on this site there are still spots left get in well the getting it good! 

For the Cross

The esteemed order of the Hunters Cross saw two of its rising stars Kritter 77. and Reptile 77. ascend to greater divinity this past weekend as both earned the title Senior huntsman. ~|~ making them some of the highest-ranking members of the order.  Hunters’ Cross matches public 5est Saturday, 9 Est Sunday public lobby Hunters cross

Just Ask Vandy

This is a new section is geared for the new Pilot and the old alike.  Question about flying the war relationships and life in general all you have to do is   just ask Vandy

I’m trying to pick up gamer chicks what plane should I fly?

      You are going to want to choose a plane that best represents your true self to further accent your personality. Example if you are steady but a little slow and find yourself being shot down when you try to play with the big boys you should fly an airco Dh.II. On the other hand, you are all flash and no function the camel would be you best pick. If you find yourself on the odd night also looking for a fella the Bristol M1H is really what you’re looking for. If you are a well-rounded steady, honest, strong and a bit of a looker I’m going to recommend the albatross D.II. Last but not least if you are having trouble know what direction to fly and shoot you can be a real sky bully in the SE.5 Readers note unfortunately it took me some time to get back to our last inquiring pilot.

I should say this was his first question.

Vandy my wife is upset that I play VR what should I do?”

Listen you are a WW1 ace pilot! Working your way to be a warplanes GOD! Putting you life and liver on the line every night! Dinner, family, real life. Sir in the words of a viral meme “ Ain’t nobody got time for that”

 “Mr. Vandy I keep going into lobbies and these kids yell at me to ready up what should I do?

This has become known as the “call of the brackets” they are small but not shy the call to ready up by the victims of or best K.D rounds. The sounds of ready up, and Bruh jump in the back of my bomber rain down like the calls of the seagulls from finding Nemo. My suggestion is to have a last sip of your nearest beverage mute and shoot because but there 3-4 death in 1 minute they find out that it isn’t you that was not ready when the engines roar.

One someone just sent me

“Will you ready up?”

Anonymous Hold on let me grab another beer real quick……..


Remember folks don’t get better be better. If you have any questions or something that rubs your wingtips let us know at Warplanes weekly. write questions in the comment section below or ask me directly or any of the staff of warplanes weekly! This is Vandamar H8 signing off for the week.

Drag night!

-Wings bland Hues on high

title whisper in the sky

flying colors sigh-

Change your call sign this Friday’s drag night to a color and a title ex. Red Barron



Rise of the Serpents!

There history

The serpents originally known as the 77th order are a newer squad with a new leader (Reptile 77) who recently took over taking the place of their original leader and creator( Nowski )who recently retired from the team and is now fly as a solo pilot…the 77s are genuinely know as a peaceful squad unless you bring up the word( SPARKELS) the sparkles are the 77s mortal enemy and the 77s are more than happy to say a lot of Crap about the sparkles….the 77s are a squad that was made to rule as the evil empire of the sky’s, But the sparkles came along and decided that this was not going to happen so they started war against the 77s and won the first battle putting a dents in the 77s plan to rule the sky’s , but now the Serpents have regrouped and have built  their squad to be even stronger than before. so now Reptile has called out the sparkles in a rematch if the 77s win then they will move forward in their plans to rule the sky’s taking each squad down one at a time other than the squads that decide to ally with 77s but if the sparkles win then the 77s will be forced back in to hiding.

Words From The Leader

Reptile has spoken about the 77s match against the sparkles

HIS WORDS (I understand that we have been thought as the evil squad and its true are goal is to rule the sky’s and anyone that stands in our way will be shot out of the sky , we are actively recruiting for our squad and we have 4 spots left if you would like to rule the sky’s with the 77s then contact Reptile 77 if you’re interested in joining… sparkles ya’ll are going down this is your last chance to surrender if not then you will face the wrath of the SERPENTS…That was your final warning )

Well we will have to see who will come on top will it be the sparkles or the 77s

Their logo a Cobra ready to strike! The Yellow teeth in the form of a 77!

Serpent Members

The leader.. Reptile 77

The General..  Kritter  77

The Soldiers..  Ghostwrex77  and Shaz bot.77

The Rookies..  Komodo 77 and Diamondback 77

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