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Warplanes weekly 1/18-24

Frontline News

Flare town Snap elections! Mayor Ice|X|man consolidated power this week and put to rest question of his mandate.  Ice held not one, but two! snap elections this week putting beyond a shadow of a doubt that his is the will of the people. ” I want to put to rest any question that my win was a fluke”. But there is grumbling over who is in really in charge dissention from the old Mayor still persists and he claims that he is now governor and has ultimate authority? This can only be settled one way in the Arena! let Democracy be the truth of the people! 

The People Have Spoken! After demands by pilots in the air corp. for better equipment a poll was taken. Pilots overwhelming demanded new planes to replace the outdated and ragged ones they have been flying ” We fight hard for you in the skies, but we need the right equipment to do it! We are getting murdered out there new planes would change that equation!”. Other points of interest were P v P player generated maps, Spectator mode, Multi ( 4 ) team TDM’s and Team Flare matches! Our boys are needlessly dying out there! will high command? listen so far silence!

Police report

Flight Club returns? In what seems like a blow to law and order a new criminal organization has emerged after a bloody gang war in our streets! Rumors have it that Smash X. and Dustin, are the head of the nefarious gang and our now in charge Flight Club! When will the madness end! We reached out to Police Commissioner Kon X to address this crime spree. ” We have no comment at this time, but assured we are hard at work to squash this recent outbreak of violence and restore order to flare town!”


Friday Night Flare Mayhem! Ding dong the witch is dead! After a brutal reign of terror the Flare team the  Ferocious frozen felines made up of Ice|x|man, and Cougar X has finally been defeated! Dustin X and Kon X representing the X-ecutioners have lopped off the heads of these naughty cats. Pair Flares matches every Friday night 9 EST, see post on Unofficial page to sign up!

The League Season 4 playoffs are currently under way!  The Teams of The Soul Seekers headed by Kritter 77, Barnyard Brawlers headed by Llama H8, Bro-shits headed by Ice|X|man, and The Sky daddies Headed by Kon X have made it to the finals! Last night Soul Seekers and Sky daddies met and battled. Both teams fought Valiantly! The Sky Daddies took Guns well the Sould Seekers won in flares. Though both wins were decisive The Sky daddies had a higher KDR between the two games having and 12-point lead in guns and will be moving on the Grand championship! Season 5 sign up will be posted latter today! anyone wishing to be a Captain please leave message below or contact a league captain. We would like to also give thanks to Holmes H8 who will be stepping down as captain this season after 4 straight seasons. Holmes created and Organized the League and was the Captain of the winning team for season three! Thank you Holmes for all that you have done!

Word from the cross

The esteemed order of the Cross saw the assentation of two of its members Saturdays Match we saw Brother Reptile 77 move up to Hunters Cross second class. Sunday welcomed a new member to the order Macca 8! Huneters Cross matches are held every Saturday at 6 pm EST and Sunday at 9pm EST all are welsomce!

Pilots perspective

We would like to introduce a new section to the paper every week we will focus on a member of the community their struggle their joys what brought them to where they are now, as well as some insight as to who they are and where they are going.

Vandamar H8 

Most have had a lump in our throat when we see his plane for that brief moment before we burst into flames. By far one of the most prolific killers whose name you won’t forget, he has left an indelible mark on the game. But who is this sky demon? We went down to his house, a old mining town, to get a closer look. There we tried to piece together the man; the warplanes God known as Vanadamar H8. 

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  This game has affected all our life’s and we have seen it grow in many different ways, has it impacted you ? ” that time ( I’ ve been playing) I’ve got dedicated to a community of people….that helped me through a portion of my life….Some of my best friends now I have met in that game … people I talk to on a daily basis. They know about my life know about my family things that I thought was strange, but I do enjoy that.” Do you think this is the life for everyone? ” I would hope everyone gets out of that game what I get out of that game”. Who is your nemesis? “SR Curbstomp and that will never change!”.  How do you feel about the return of The SR and would you go back? ” I would be elated (if they came back) I would do about anything to encourage them to come back, so fuck ya, for sure! but there are some clauses, but I would be super stoked”. What’s your Zodiac sign? “Capricorn” So you are a Farrier what is that?”  “We are responsible helping maintain the distal limb of an equid. got a lot of funny stories”. What advice would you give the new player? ,  Vandamar took a moment at this point to tell his son he loved him and to send him off to bed. ” Besides (the obvious), stay in lobbies till the end, be cool be patient. stick around talk to guys ask questions”. what do you think of the squads in the game?” I think squads are a good thing, if you’re a newer player and want to get good you’ll be better off in a squad. I think the squads are the spice of the game”.  So, you been asked to be the head of a squad, you have led teams, many have thought you are command material, would you see this in your game trajectory? ” I would stay with my squad.  I would help with leading and not just my squad, being a leader doesn’t have to be about squads as long as I have the time I would commit (to the community)”. If you could give a message to the developers, what would it be? ” Planes! we need planes”. Do you think the British would have won WW1 without the help of America? ” Oh absolutly not, no the would have lost for sure” If you would like to see the full interview please go to the Legions Lounge Face book Page if your not a member request and you will be added. 

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