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Warplanes Weekly 12-13/20

Friday Night Flare Mayhem – The Team X8 Kon X, and Vandamar 8 have taken over the top spot! This power Dou will be hard to beat. Sign up now for week 8 check! see post on unofficial page.

Terror Group at Large – Authorities are still on the hunt for a subversive group of malcontents! Leads have pointed toward BushWhacker 8, Llama 8. Though both remained tight lipped! We must put and end to this madness before real dmage can take place. Authorities are looking for any help the public might have, if you know the name or where abouts please leave message bellow!

Hunters Cross – Hunters cross welcomes two new members to the illustrious order! Reptile 77, and Hitman 8! huzah!

Mayor of Flare Town – After months of non-existance leadership the residence of Flare town have set up a competition to determine the new Mayor. The tournement will consist of one hit planes and will be held on December 23rd

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  1. Lord Charles

    Take away the se-5’s and it’s anyone’s game to win.

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