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Warplanes Weekly 1/10-17

Warplanes Weekly 1-10-17

THE NEWS!!!!!!


Grumblings From the Masses! There is unrest from Citizens of flare town! Calls for new updates to the game are growing in volume! New Planes! Player built PvP maps, Limited flares, and spectator mode are but some of the demands people our making. This movement appears to be organizing, leaders are speaking out! We have reached out to the Mayor’s office but have heard no word yet!

POLICE Report!

Breaking news! After a daring sting operation, we finally have a name for this underground organization that has been spreading chaos among flare towns citizenry.  ” We know who you are and what you have been up to, this so-called Saturday Flight Club is coming to an End! I Kon X and Killerb X will see to it personally! We will vanquish anyone who tries defying authority! You will have to come see us first! So let me ask you something all you want to be killers, are you feeling lucky? punk! well, do you?! “Police Commissioner Kon X was Quoted as saying. 


The League! The league is in its final stages all eyes are on Mayor Ice’s team the Bro Shits. People our clamoring! How they finish could turn the balance of power! Only one team has secured its place in the finals at this point The Sky Daddies! All rests on what comes next! 

Friday Night Flares 

In what can only be called a battle for the ages the Ferocious Frozen Felines manage to hold on to their title! Many are hailing the battle as one of the greatest matches in the history of the game! Both Teams knew what was on the lion, The possible glory, and the agony of defeat, defeat meaning their team would have to break apart, both teams on their last go around after a grueling back and forth that had been going on for weeks. and left them both badly wounded! Both teams came out the gate like lions! after a bloody slugfest, Cougar X of the Felines and Kon X of X8 were knocked out of the game. This left Ice|X|Man of the felines with a two-life advantage over Vanadamar H8! The felines path o victory seemed at hand! but know Cinderella story! Vandy wrestled his way back slowly witling that lead down till they were tied! Then to every one’s shock with both players with one life left Vandy hit Ice leaving him smoking! Vandy still with a clean plane! A major upset was at hand! Cougar was trying to figure who he would team with nest week! But Ice did not quit he dug down deep and fought tooth and nail! In in a fiery heart pounding discourse, he laid waste to his adversary! Bravo players ! Bravo!

 News From the Cross! The order would like to welcome its first sister X -|- hunters cross first class! The winner of a hard fought Saturday’s match! well played! The Order also saw from Sundays Match Kon X attaining the highest Rank of Grand Cross! As new head of the order Kon X has promised reforms to address the changing times! Cross Matches every Saturday at 6 pm EST and Sunday at 9 pm EST all our welcome! 

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