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News of the Week! 12/6-12/12

Friday Night Fire Mayhem! is going strong! the combo of Iceman X and Cougar X Ferocious Frozen Felines! still hold top position!

Make sure to sign up for week 7 look for post on unofficial page!

Underground Fights? Whispers of unsanctioned matches are spreading! Authorities are looking for any information that you may have to help lead in their investigation. Word is there is an unbeatable team of KillrX and Cougar X. but both deny any knowledge. This must be stopped!

Hunters Cross! The order of the cross has awarded two of its members there second ranking =|=. Congratulations To Captain Holly X and Kritter 77 well played boys! Games are at 6pm EST Saturday, and 9 pm Sunday, Private lobby CROSS all are welcome!

League season 4 update! Teams have been picked and first matches have been played! No shit sherlock’s take guns, against the Soul seekers who take flares! they both get a win!

Sky Gladiators! this year will be held on February 3rd and 4th. Times and rules to come soon. To Sign get 4 other people and enter on post found on unofficial ww1 page!


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