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Warplanes Weekly 1 / 3-10

Warplanes Weekly 1/3-10

News report!!!

Newly appointed Mayor Ice|X|man is getting down to business! After a brutal battle infrastructure is in disrepair! But Mayor Ice has set about to making Flare Town the best it Can Be! Large scale road and bridge repair is underway. Ice has vowed to put an end to the saboteurs from the old regime who have been destroying the bridge!

The Return of the Son’s of Ragnar!

The rumors are true! The Son’s of Ragnar (SR) have been seen flying in formation many times of over the last week. The legendary founding squadron made its presence known this week in many Matches the fire and furry has not faded in the hiatus. Ragnar scored double digit kills! along with his crew Full Force, Seven, Eager, and Bigfoot won the day in a match this humble reporter was privy to see! Welcome Back !

Sport Report

Friday Night Flare Mayhem!

In what has been hailed as the Match up of the year, The  Ferocious Frozen Felines have once again wrenched away the title From X8! This has turned into real slug fest between the two teams. Both are on the last lives before they have to separate as partners! This week’s battle promises to be a showdown of the century.  Will it remain FFF teamed by Ice|X|man and Cougar X. Or will it be the inter squad team X* With Vandamar 8 and Kon X! All is on the line this week! Make sure to sign up for week 10! Please see post on Unofficial site.

Crime Time!


Police Commissioner Kon X has reported a success in the on going battle against terrorism! ” Along with the Aid of Detective Killer X we have been able to route out the lawlessness these gangs have inflicted on our streets. Me and Killer B are here to stay and as long as we are on the streets no group of miscreants will harm the citizens of the city.” Police Commissioner Kon X reported. But all is not what it may seem. rumblings from the underworld have led this reporter to believe these boys fight is far from over! 

News From the Cross

The Order of the Cross has returned from its holiday sabbatical. The order saw the addition of a new member Holmes H8 -|- winning Sunday’s match.  The Order also saw the rise of its most decorated member Kon X! now wearing the second highest rank of the order Lesser Grand Cross!

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