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Warplanes Weekly 2/22-3-6

News From the Front

Old Enemies Meet Again! 

    It was a cold February morning.  Monique Boxster bride of the famous Belgium butcher of the squadron three was out milking her cows. As she caressed their bovine  utters, she was lovingly reminisced over the last visit of her love from the front, wishing  for the day this damned war would be over and she could be back in his arms. It was then she heard that sound she had learned to love or fear. The whirling of engines emanating from the sky! Hiding behind her favorite cow Moo, she squinted skyward contemplating nervously. “Could this be my beloved Box returning to me or the enemy”?! Her heart pounding nervously as she saw something she had not expected – planes she had never seen before! They were unlike her love’s squadron that she grown so accustomed to seeing. These planes were not bullet ridden and warn after seasons of war. They were new, ominous, and had a green scaly paint jobs and the numbers 77 emboldened on their wings! Her heart went into her throat. She heard of this new dreaded group – the Dreaded Serpents! Their prowess in battle was only bested by their renowned cruelty! They were known to take joy in killing not only the enemy but civilians and anything that stood in their path. As they passed over head, she saw one of them peel off and dive downward toward her and the herd! Fear gripped her as the plane opened up its cannons! Dirt went flying, the scream of cows being riddled by bullets filled her ears. She instinctively hit the dirt as a volley passed inches away, throwing throwing up dirt and covering her in blood.  The plane screamed by like a demon from the darkest pits of hell! Not knowing if she had been hit or if it was the blood of one her cows, she began to do the only thing she could – Pray. Her thoughts immediately went to her love, wishing only to be able to see him one last time a tear trickled down her cheek knowing this was not to be. The plane turned around to make another pass. Though there was no way for her to see it, she could feel the smile of her executioner as he bore down on her position. She closed her eyes and accepted her fate. She gathered courage and stood up bravely as heard the sounds of those guns signaling her life was over. . . . but wait an explosion! She opened her eyes, to her Suprise the dastardly serpent erupted in flames and slammed into the ground just meters away from her location sending her off her feet into the muddy blood-soaked Belgium field! Had God answered her prayers? Was it her beloved coming to her rescue? As she recovered from her fall, she gazed sky ward. What she saw gave her pause, and most importantly – hope! There was an ariel battle going on over head! The Serpent Squadron had been engaged by another squad of planes. Their black, white, and yellow markings glittered in the morning sun. This could mean only one thing – these angels could only be Team sparkles! Known as the defenders of good and righteousness, of the common people these Deadly nepheline had come to save her. She eyed skyward as Serpent plane after Serpent plane fell back to earth as though being driven back to the hell where they came from! But it was then she gave pause as hope turned to dread. The serpents summoned their reserves who had been high above! They dove down, unleashing the devil’s fury in a barrage of fire from their flare guns. The battle had turned, the Serpents were regaining the upper hand! As Sparkle plane after sparkle plane erupted in flames, her heart sank and a heart went out to these valiant warriors who had come to her rescue. In what seemed like a coordinated retreat, the Sparkle team broke off, dove downward and scattered in different directions. The serpents, enraged, gave chase. Had the sparkles been defeated? Had god’s army been beaten back by the devils legion? Their hate-filled hearts betrayed them as the sparkles were not running way but leading them into a trap! To the serpents surprise, the sparkles used the landscape to their advantage – appearing suddenly out of grove and hedge. Manifesting almost magically from behind barns and cottages, the serpents victory had turned yet again as Team Sparkles began to vanquish their dreaded foe! The serpents knowing that defeat was imminent, began to slither off from the dark holes from whence they came from. “Guns, Glitter, and Glory” Team Sparkles had won the day. Monique gathered herself and gave out a sigh, “Box my beloved Box, we will be reunited! God bless Team Sparkles and damn this bloody war.”

Serpents satanic symbol

Monique Boxster artistic depiction of the battle

Guns, Glitter and Glory


Flight Club  

      To help fight the criminal element Flight Club has taken on the roll of Police recruitment. All champions of Flight club get to by pass basic training and go into elite police force operations. These position include, CSI, SWAT , Kings Man, Investigations, and internal Affairs. Police Commissioners Kon presented advancements to Bushwhacker 8’s  –  Now kaiser of the Kings Man. Vandamar 8’s will take on a lead roll as Captain of internal affairs. ” We believe this new strategy for law enforcement will bring big dividends”



Friday Night Flare Mayhem

     It seems the Ferocious Frozen Felines have put the competition on ice. With only one team brave enough to challenge the FFF last Friday, it was a quick night. FFF didn’t look their best, but still got the job done and retain the title. Is this small showing the last gasp of resistance? Stiffler says him and Kritter have figured out the FFF secret strategy, will they share it with others? Will someone be able to expose these felines or is this forever? We’ll see who shows up this Friday 9est at Friday Night Flare Mayhem!

The League Report   First week of matcher was a wild some with unexpected results and controversy. We’re not Fucking around, wasn’t fucking around with a possible change in captaincy! Is commander Bush No Tsar Bush? Stiffler’s mom got the hammer dropped on him for coming in under assumed name Cougars Mom! Perhaps the biggest controversy of all the A question over plane colors raged in the captain’s chat. Gatsby Gallows claiming that the Knight rangers came in the wrong planes what would be a violation of the rules. After a heated exchange the teams agreed to redo the match! and that it was all Kons Fault.  to see the results of the match’s, scheduled matches’ and other statistics click on the link below.

For the Cross

      Due to a lack of communication, there was only one match held last weekend, on Saturday. McCloud won the day and earned another rank in the order. In the future these mishaps will be minimised and their cause (my negligence) will be eradicated. Hunters’ Cross matches public 5est Saturday, 9 Est Sunday public lobby Hunters cross, BE THERE!

Third Eye Spy

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Get ready to dominate the skies, Aries, as the Bristol M1H fuels your competitive fire. In Deathmatch, your daring maneuvers will lead you to victory. PS play ONWARD!!!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – Team up with allies, Taurus, harnessing the strength of the Junkers DI in Team Flares.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – Embrace versatility, Gemini, as you navigate Friday Night Flares. Your adaptability and quick thinking make you a formidable opponent against the Ferocious Frozen Felines.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Channel the resilience of the AGO C1, Cancer, as you soar through Deathmatch battles. It’s how Ragnar would have wanted it.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Step into the spotlight, Leo, with the grace of the Albatross DII. Your natural leadership and charisma inspires teammates to greatness.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Precision is your ally, Virgo, as you navigate TDMs with the SE5. Your attention to detail and strategic planning set you apart from the competition. The League awaits, where your meticulous approach ensures success. Just make sure it’s the right color….

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Find balance in the chaos, Libra, with the versatility of the Junkers D1 in Flares mode. Join in FNFL, where your finesse earns admiration.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Just read the last one. They’re all general and apply to everyone. You know how horoscopes work, right?

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Embrace innovation, Sagittarius, with the creativity and unusual tactics that OHC allows for. Your unconventional tactics and ingenuity keep opponents guessing.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – Bitcoin is up 15% since I told you to buy it in the last horoscope… just sayin.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – Register to vote or something, idk.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – I’m running out of time, I couldn’t think of anything good for this one either, sorry. Tune in next week!

Just ask vandy

1. *Handling a Tight Squeeze in a Cockpit:* The best way to handle getting your well beveraged belly into a cockpit is to Stay calm, keep your movements precise and deliberate, and remember, it’s all about finding the right angle—just like trying to sneak past that over watchful eye of the wife on your way to your headset.

2. *Keeping Your Joystick in Top Condition:* To keep your joystick in pristine condition, treat it like a prized lady—regular grooming is key! Dust it off with some gentleness handle it with the care you’d use when petting a particularly skittish goldfish. After all, a happy joystick means a happy pilot!

3. *Positioning Your Tail for Takeoff:* Getting your tail in the right position for takeoff is like trying to get comfortable in bed after drinking too much. It might take a bit of wiggling and some back-and-forth, but when you find that sweet spot, you’ll know it. Just remember, it’s all about the flair—tail up, confidence high, and you’re ready to conquer the skies!

4. *Maintaining Steady Altitude in Bumpy Conditions:* Keeping your altitude steady when things get bumpy is akin to trying to walk in a straight line while carrying a tray full of drinks on your U-boat. It’s all about the finesse! Gentle adjustments, a keen eye, and the patience of a saint—or at least the patience of someone trying to keep peace among the league captains.

5. *Advice for Rookies on Throttle Handling:* For all the rookies out there, handling your throttle is like trying to impress a date at a fancy restaurant. It’s all about smooth moves and perfect timing. No jerky motions or sudden moves. Treat it with respect, finesse, and a touch of flair, and you’ll be flying like a real sky bully in no time!

This is vandamar signing off, if you have any questions or anything that rubs your wing tips let us know at warplanes weekly

This week in World War 1 March 1-7 1915

This week in the war.  Russia begins seaplane raids The Imperial Russian Navy ’​s Black Sea Fleet begins seaplane carrier raids against the Bosporus and the Ottoman Empire ’​s European Black Sea coast. The raids, which continue until May, are history ’​s first in which battleships play a subsidiary role while operating with aviation ships, foreshadowing the aircraft carrier-battleship task forces of World War II Third German attempt to bomb U.K. The third German attempt to bomb the United Kingdom fails when the naval Zeppelin L-8, sent to attack alone, encounters a gale over the North Sea and is blown out of control over Nieuwpoort, Belgium, where Belgian antiaircraft gunners shoot her down. First British bombing raids The first British tactical bombing raids are made in support of ground troops in the Flanders towns of Menin and Courtai.


 porco Rosso

Hell’s Angels is what I would call one of the most historically accurate films centered around the aviation of The Great War, with the film costing 2.8 million dollars to be produced in 3 years to be finished. With real planes and real pilots, filmed just 9 years after the war, this movie does a good job capturing the scene and dark realism. Taking place at the start of The Great War, we follow a few soon-to-be pilots living their everyday lives until war initially broke out. From this point, we see the perspectives of each side while seeing how it affected these people’s lives as their countries were turned into battlefields, and just how this affected the people involved.

Drag night

-Taste turbulent skies

Valiant wings flavored with hope

A weather palate-

Change your call sign to a flavor and a something weather/sky related ex. Raspberry Rain 

Intelligence Report The Hateful 8s:

The Hateful 8s: Formation and Operations of an Unconventional Squadron Behind Enemy Lines of

This paper delves into the history and operations of the Hateful 8s, a clandestine flying squadron that
was formed behind enemy lines during a pivotal conflict. Unlike conventional units, the Hateful 8s were
renowned for their unorthodox tactics, resourcefulness, and significant impact on the outcome of
various critical engagements. This study aims to shed light on their formation, key operations, strategies,
and the legacy of their daring endeavors.


The Hateful 8s squadron emerged under extraordinary circumstances, born out of necessity and the
chaos of conflict . Leaving the S.o.R due to the threat of being split up as the powerhouse team so his
personal squadron X could have a chance of being the best . We saw it as sabotage and political
monarchy. We where originally SRV while Ragnar was trying to make vandamar captain of SR8 to split
us we decided to wage war against the S.o.R creating the h8full 8s .


Operating with limited resources and under constant threat of discovery, the Hateful 8s embarked on a
series of daring missions that had a disproportionate impact on the war effort. Utilizing captured enemy
aircraft and repurposed equipment, they conducted sabotage raids, intelligence gathering missions, and
even direct attacks on key enemy installations. Their ability to strike unpredictably and vanish without a
trace earned them the begrudging respect of their adversaries and the moniker”sky bullies


The legacy of the Hateful 8s extends beyond their immediate military achievements. Their operations
demonstrated the effectiveness of guerilla tactics in aerial warfare, a concept that was relatively
unexplored at the time. Additionally, their story has become a testament to the human spirit’s resilience
and the profound impact of leadership, ingenuity, and teamwork under the most adverse conditions.


The Hateful 8s Flying Squadron remains a remarkable example of courage and innovation in the face of
overwhelming odds. Their formation behind enemy lines, successful execution of multiple highstakes
operations, and enduring legacy provide valuable insights into unconventional warfare and the
indomitable will of those who fight for their beliefs.





Gifted Chaos


Two Dogs

Jah Wont Pay



Ispy where



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