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Warplanes Weekly 3/6-29

Warplanes Weekly


Pilots have been expressing more and more concern regarding the performance of their aircraft, saying things like “The aircraft can handle more” while not having the power output to utilize the plane’s full capabilities. Developers at the Sopwith Aviation Company have acknowledged these comments and claim to have something in the works. Many pilots have expressed the need for a flare gun on board in case an enemy aircraft gets too close, the S.A.C has acknowledged and agrees with their pilots regarding the issue, that a flare gun is needed. German company Pfalz Flugzeugwerke appears to be going through something similar regarding the new Pfalz D.III aircraft, a reliable aircraft that needs a lighter more powerful engine. Pilots are hoping with its sleek design it will be able to outperform the outdated Albatros D.II. When asking the Developers at S.A.C and P.F. we were told they could find a rough estimate of when these prototype upgraded aircraft will be done but it would be a very rough estimate, as development takes time. Regarding the mysterious French diving aircraft, we’ve been receiving multiple reports of another French biplane, much smaller and more nimble than the last mentioned mystery aircraft. Soldiers in the trenches reported seeing a silver one flying low over Noman’s land towards their side of the lines, it landed just past the French wire. The soldier noted a gun mounted to the top of the aircraft much like the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5. The soldier was on guard duty that night and was off to check it out the following morning, but the aircraft had taken off and left by then. According to other sources, it appears to be a modified Nieuport 11.

Guns, Glitter, and Glory!

Team Sparkles

It was a hot summer day in August. The assurance of a short conflict by the lords of war long ago a proved nothing more than a myth soaked on blood, like so many a Grimm fairy tale. Bodies piled up from the 100’s to the thousands, 10 and hundreds…….millions of forgotten dreams lying in the crimson mud-soaked fields of France and Belgium. Good-Evil Blurred lines scribbles in a child’s tablet. It was then in a world robbed of joy that only promised mothers tears a Spark took flight.  Seasoned vets sick of the war, sick of the madness, knowing no flags vowed to end the Evil and the suffering the empires had brought to the innocent. Casting aside allegiances they bound themselves together to end the atrocities brought by those who would never see battle or know loss. Who were these brave warriors of the air, renown for bringing light to an otherwise dark world? These Champions of the voiceless were none other than the now infamous team Sparkles! Guns, Glitter and Glory their motto and with it like the Firey finger of god casting down the wretched this team of Seraphim brings hope to humanity! There Vow to end the Wrath that has brought so many to the afterlife. Be warned squadrons of Evil <III>, 8, X, SR, DD, WHO and 77 your days are numbered your wicked ways no longer have place in this world!

Your Sparkles are







Drop Bear

Ranger Rick


I love G-D

Ranger A-ron





Guns!,    Glitter!,    Glory!!


This week in the War

This Week in the War <b>Group of American volunteers authorized to form squadron within French Air Service</b> 1916-03-21 The Escadrille Americaine is officially authorized to organize a group of American volunteers to form squadron N124 within the French Air Service. The Escadrille is formally activated on April 17. The numbers of American volunteers are so great that only some of them can be accommodated in the original Escadrille, but are assigned and fly with over 100 different French squadrons. Later, the name is changed to the Lafayette Escadrille. All the Americans who passed through the system are members of the “Lafayette Flying Corps,” but only some are members of the Lafayette Escadrille itself. <b>Birth of the US Coast Guard aviation</b> 1916-03-21 Captain-Commandant of the US Coast Guard Ellsworth P. Bertholf orders experimentation with the use of aircraft and directs Third Lieutenant Elmer F. Stone to begin flight training. It is the birth of US Coast Guard aviation. <b>First Bristol Scout arrives in France</b> 1916-03-25 The first Bristol Scout, a rotary-engined, tractor biplane arrives in France with 24 Squadron. From this point on, all British single-seat fighters will be called “scouts,” meaning fast reconnaissance. <b>Zeppelins attempt to bomb London</b> 1916-03-31 Seven German Navy Zeppelins attempt to bomb London overnight. Two turn back with engine trouble, and L 15 is so badly damaged by British fighters and antiaircraft guns that she crash-lands off the coast of England and her crew is captured.

The famed squad Escadrille Americaine

Thier mascot



       The dominance continues for the Ferocious Frozen Felines, Cougar was well… Cougar. Iceman did what was needed and altogether the two put forward a solid shift that was enough to retain the title for one more week. As we approach the midway point of the FNFM season it appears little stands in the way of yet ANOTHER title for the newly formed Dark Dynasty. Which if it ended today would bring their current total of championships up to five! Not too shabby for such a new squad with only two members if you ask me. The turnout has been down the last couple of weeks, seemingly other squads are willing to surrender the flare title in hopes of taking back the reins on other competitions. It would appear that X and the 8’s have put all their eggs back into the gun game basket. I for one am excited to see how that works out for them both.

The League

Well, it’s getting down to crunch time folks!! By next week we should have a winner of one of the most closely contested seasons ever! Season 6 saw an addition of new rules meant to streamline, address past concerns and make the field more competitive! With the finish line in sight, It has come down to three teams jockeying for the number one slot! Fresh of their win against the Snow Serpents Mig <III> team “Were not here to Fuck around” Has moved achieved an incredible reversal from its early season losses! Once thought to be out of contention the team has managed to go on a winning streak that has propelled them to a shot at the final spot! Who will it be against though is the question? Due to battle it out in the next few days Will Ice Mans team the Wind Breakers a strong team made of three members of last season’s championship team the Bro-Shits vs The Vandamar’s Number one seeded team, Gatsby’s Gallows, featuring unique line up being the only team to ever have two women players affectionally known as the Gatsby Gals. The deadline is Monday night 10 P.M. Est and it looks like it’s coming down to the wire for this battle of WW! Titans! 

Flight Club

Flight Club took A brief hiatus Last Week, well construction on a new Warplanes aero drome has been taking place! This new facility has been outfitted with all the latest equipment including telephones! and New Venders!  The venders will be offering all the exciting new Alcoholic Beverages and other sky-high delights, such as Cannabis, Herion and Cocaine! The latter in that popular American beverage Coca Cola, giving a whole new meaning to flying high! It’s guaranteed to be a wild time at the Warplanes Aero Drome the Grand opening will be this Saturday at 9EST you won’t want to miss it!

For the Cross

Thrid Eye Spy

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Soar like a Boeing 737 MAX, Aries. Feel the wind in your face, blowing your scarf around (on account of half the plane missing).

K Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – We’re no strangers to love, Taurus… you know the rules, and so do I (so do I).

O Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – Embrace your teamates, Gemini, as you play in the championship games for league!!!

N Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – As an AI Language Model, I am not programmed to help you write “WW1 themed horoscopes for goofballs that play online flying games”. Can I help you with anything else?

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – Persistence is key, Leo. You will have great luck in winning OHC this week. FOR THE CROSS

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – OK I just gotta say this here, how was 1 game the difference between 2nd and 2nd to last. Wild. On Topic – you will have good luck this week Virgo, as Mars is currently in retrograde. 

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Find balance in the chaos, Libra, with the versatility of the Junkers D1 in Flares mode. Join in FNFL, where your finesse earns admiration.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Your time is up Scorpio. Play it safe this week. Look both ways when crossing the road. Your wings are about to stop producing lift, if you catch my drift. Might be time to close up any open rifts. Hope you’re not feeling to miffed. Sorry for the bad rhyming but this opportunity couldn’t be missed (OK that was a stretch, I’m done now).

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Lol no one cares about Sagittarius. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – Welcome to Capricorn Crypto Corner! Bitcoin is up 40% since I originally said to buy it on Feb 13th…. they don’t call me 3rd Eye Spy for no reason bruh. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – PLAY ONWARD

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – Pisces, there’s an important life question that only you, with your infinite Pisces wisdom, can answer – Is Kon MoonRaker?

Just asl Vandy

I am a player in the league. I (allegedly) been offered a bribe to take a dive, to fix a playoffs game. Several individuals stand to make a lot from the underground gambling of if I do. You know what they say everybody has a price. At what price do I actually consider doing this and maintain my dignity? 100,000? 250,000?

Dear anonymous player… taking a dive in a league game like a new player out of spawn would pay out around the same for both. There is no dignity in cheep lives. Even for a good price though word on the air strip is nobody has been paid out form this underground endeavor.

Hey Vandy, if time is relative does that mean that all the time before us actually did move faster until our lives started? And will speed up again once we’re dead?

Question from a certain frozen fellow. My friend time definitely moved faster before you. I don’t know if it’s your chilling effect of your team or if you freeze up when I ask for a time to run our league finals match. I can let you know after our match if it speeds up once you’re dead.

How do you stay sane with the amount of angst and stress that comes with playing this game, especially at the more competitive levels?

Warcheif listen I know this will be hard for you to understand because I am much smarter than you. It’s about breathing stay calm and keep you wits about you it all passes. Everyone knows me as a fellow who stays calm and never gets upset. SIKE! The the answer you will find in the next question.

Hey Vandy, can you find the fucks I give?

I think that most of us who have played this game for awhile are looking for our f—ks also. I can let you know if I bump into yours. I have hopes that they will put them into the next update that I hear is coming soon!

This is Vandamar signing off. If you have any questions our have anything that rubs your wingtips let us know at warplanes weekly….. or biweekly or whatever it is now. Maybe it’s just me that can’t keep up with my part of this anyway let us know.

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